Meta is evolving as an alternative world not just for internet users but also for job aspirants. The immersive experience in real-time it enables would need more than conventional designing and engineering skills. Having years of experience under the belt as an engineer or designer, one would be naturally excited and curious to work at one of the top tech companies. The parent company of Facebook, however, has been in the bad books of job aspirants for its decision to implement a hiring freeze and shrink budgets as it grapples with revenue slowdown. Nevertheless, it is not the end of the ‘Meta job’ world as many aspiring for a Meta career would think about. If you are someone with exceptional skills and capabilities, open to innovation there is every chance that you will find a suitable position and kick-start your Meta career. Following is the list of Meta job vacancies for people who are looking for a high-paying tech job.

1.D>1.Data Science Manager

Location: Menlo Park, CA

           The job responsibilities include leading data science teams and applying quantitative analytics and data mining skills to present data in a visually comprehensible manner. One should be able to identify trends and patterns in the market to generate actionable insights. Automate analyses by building key statistical data sets and perform operational and exploratory analyses. The applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and two years of work experience as a Data Analyst with hands-on experience in SQL, PHP, Python, R, MATLAB, SAAS, and Stata. Working experience in statistical techniques such as clustering, regression, pattern recognition, or descriptive and inferential statistics is a must.

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2.Ass>2.Associate General Council, Music

>Location: Singapore

If you are into law and have an ear for music, this is the perfect opportunity. As an Associate General Council at Meta, you would require to support its music business development team in executing its APAC music licensing strategy. Instruct and manage local outside counsel, draft and negotiate partnership agreements with stakeholders and collaborate with different teams ensuring that the music is protected and does not lose progress. Qualifications include 5+ years of experience in copyright and digital licensing, negotiating agreements, and most importantly should be a qualified lawyer in APAC, US, or UK jurisdiction.

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3.Res>3.Research Scientist

>Location: New York

 This post requires fulfilling responsibilities such as performing research, developing solutions for software and hardware problems, optimizing algorithms, training new ranking models and running experiments, creating tools and suggesting system requirements for an effective future strategy. To get selected you need to have a Master’s degree in any of the science or engineering or IT streams and should have completed a university-level internship or project or have experience in algorithms, data structures, or system software and be able to design data-driven models of human behavior. Knowledge of programming languages like Java, C++, Perl, PHP, or Python is absolutely necessary.

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4.Softw>4.Software Engineer, Product

ocation: Seattle, USA

An ability to demonstrate a distinct proficiency in data analysis, programming, and software engineering is what this job profile requires. Apart from that, producing high-quality code with good test coverage using modern abstractions and frameworks will constitute a major part of the responsibilities. The job seeker should be at least a Bachelor in Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics. He/She should have finished a university-level internship/project or have 6 months of experience in relevant technologies.

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5.Compu>5.Computer Vision Engineer

ocation: Zurich, Netherlands

As a computer vision engineer, you will work for Facebook Reality Labs, which is pioneering the cause of bringing people together through AR/VR technologies. Developing prototypes for future VR/AR/MR experiences with robust solutions constitute the main responsibility. You will get to collaborate with teams from Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) and Facebook AI Research (FAIR) in computer vision, machine learning, and graphics. This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, or a related technical field. That apart it requires 3+ years of experience in developing CV and ML systems with equal experience in programming languages such as C++ and/or Python. Prototyping experience in any of the specializations of CV or ML is a must.

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6.Invento>6.Inventory Management Lead

ation: Dublin, Ireland

Supervising inventory operations, and developing metrics and procedures which include storage locations, inventory movements, transfers, final disposition, and retirements are the main responsibilities. Managing reverse supply chain optimization through internal and external collaboration to enable efficient operations management are other supplementary duties. Qualifications include Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain, Inventory Management, or Finance. He/she should have at least 10 years of experience in the same.

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7.Associate>7.Associate General Counsel, Global Privacy Incidents

ion: Los Angeles, CA

As an Associate General Counsel, you would require to provide expertise in privacy and data protection laws and suggest how they would affect Meta’s business. You will be part of Meta’s engineering, privacy, and security teams and investigate the breach of privacy incidents and advise in providing relevant solutions. The qualifications include having a J.D degree,  having membership in at least one US state bar, and 8+ years of legal experience part of which should be relevant to privacy and product counseling.

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8.Graphics Soft>8.Graphics Software Engineer – Pipeline and Tooling

Los Angeles, CA

A graphics software engineer at Meta would be involved in developing novel graphics frameworks, algorithms, and tools to improve graphics quality and performance. They work with infra and product teams to create real-time rendering architecture. They need 5+ years of graphics software engineering experience or 3+ years of graphics software engineering with a Ph.D.

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9.Applications Ma>9.Applications Manager, Finance & Business Planning

emote, US

This opening perfectly suits people who have expertise in accounting and a knack for automation. As an applications manager, you will have to develop sustainable solutions via InsightSoftware(CXO), Incorta & Tableau reporting platforms. You will be responsible for the complete lifecycle from conceptualization to implementation of the Oracle EPM(on-prem) suite of products. The minimum qualification includes a BS or BA degree in Finance, Business, and Technology with 8+ years of experience working with FP&A organizations with hands-on experience in relevant technologies.

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10.Director, Ente>10.Director, Enterprise Engineering

an Francisco, CA

The Director, of Enterprise Engineering, needs to build, manage and support diverse teams of enterprise engineers and engineering managers, oriented toward organizational and technical leadership. They should be able to drive cross-functional and cross-discipline partnerships to drive successful engineering efforts. The qualifications to grab this opportunity require 10+ years of engineering experience with relevant managerial exposure to multi-disciplined teams.

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